For sale in the city of Cahors

For Sale in Historic Cahors

House, apartment with terrace

And commercial premises on the ground floor

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324 m² in area

Price: 238 000 €



 In the historic town of Cahors,

on the banks of the river lot,

Set of 324 m² in area.

House built in 1930,

Completely renovated in 2005,

Electricity, plumbing, paints.

Free for sale, unfurnished.


Located at 292 Quai de Regourd 46000 Cahors

Close to shops, bakery…

Market, doctors, schools.

The market is open all year round,

Wednesday and Saturday morning,

It takes place in the square

in front of the cathedral

Saint-Étienne, 3 minutes walk from the house.

Maison-292-Quai-de-regourd-46-000-Cahors-gauche 1



See the website of the town hall of Cahors for more information :

Site ville Cahors

Visit the site «Tourism in Cahors»



Sectional drawing of the house



First floor

Access to the first floor by stairs leading to

A spacious terrace

Of 33 m ² equippedwith a sink

and 3 electrical sockets.

Unobstructed view of the river Lot.

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Terrasse Quai de Regourd

First floor, terrace 33m²,

View on river lot, access to the apartment.

Terrasse Quai de Regourd

Terrasse-amenagee-Quai de Regourd-3

Terrasse aménagée-Quai de Regourd-A vendre Cahors


The plan of the apartment on the floor.

Plan-Terrasse-Appartement-Quai de Regourd

Apartment 5 rooms, 116 m²,

good general condition,

very bright,

Vitrified parquet floor, double glazing,

metal shutters, intercom.

Closet storage, attic.

Heating city gas.

Radiators equipped with thermostats.

Hot water by boiler.


Entrance on corridor serving


A dining room, living room

30m ² including an opened kitchen.

Séjour-Quai de Regourd-1

First floor, living room.

cuisine-repas-salon-aménagement-Quai de Regourd-2

First floor, living room (empty today).

cuisine-repas-Quai de Regourd-2

First floor, open kitchen, dining room.

cuisine-repas-aménagement-Quai de Regourd-

(empty today)

cuisine-repas-cuisine-repas-Quai de Regourd-1

(empty today)

Corridor serving 4 Bedrooms

A vendre-Maison-Premier-etage-couloir-principal

Corridor serving the 4 bedrooms, access to the attic,

The bathrooms, the toilet and the laundry.

Chambre-Quai de Regourd-1

First bedroom, 14,75 m² overlooking terrace.

Chambre-Quai de Regourd-3

The second, 11,08 m² overlooking terrace.

Chambre-Quai de Regourd-2

The third, 12,72 m² overlooking garden.

Chambre-Quai de Regourd-4

The fourth, 12,96 m² overlooking garden.



2 Bathrooms, WC, laundry room

Bain-baignoire-Quai de Regourd-1

A tiled bathroom with bath, equipped,

A washbasin unit, light fitting and integrated mirror.

Bain-douche-Quai de Regourd-1

A shower room tiled, equipped, furniture sink,

Luminaire and integrated mirror.

WC-suspendu-Quai de Regourd

A separate suspended toilet.


Laundry, (empty today).


The attic 116 m²

Clearance including a large storage cupboard

With access to the attic by a wooden staircase.

Escalier-grenier-Quai de Ragourd

Grenier-1-Quai de Regourd

Grenier-2-Quai de Regourd

The attic


The ground floor

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Ground floor, 2 rooms, the whole on 205 m ².

Cellar of 6 m ²,

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

The commercial space was successively :

A workshop of metalwork,

A café-concert «La Forge»

Former Café-concert « La Forge »

a café-théâtre

«Le Goût des Arts»

Formerly a performance hall « Le Goût des Arts »

Assignment corresponds to an ERP Establishment

Allowed to receive Public up to 100 persons.

It can be suitable for all professions and small businesses,

artistic, commercial, catering, medical, sports …

Many possibilities for office, exhibition, show room,

meeting rooms, artists’ residences …

Also available as a loft.

Heating city gas. Double glazing.


Ground floor plan

Plan-Rez-De-Chaussee-2 salles-Quai de Regourd

Room 1

First room with bar kitchen of 113 m ²,

Vitrified parquet and VMC.

Salle-1-salon-1-Quai de Regourd

Ground floor, room 1

(Unfurnished today except the bar that remains)


Sectional drawing room 1

Plan-elevation-salle-1-Quai de Regourd


Salle-1-bar-cuisine-ouverte-3-Quai de Regourd

Salle-1-salon-3-le gout des arts

Salle-1-bar-cuisine-ouverte-2-Quai de Regourd

Installation, bar kitchen.

The ground floor is unfurnished today

except the bar that remains.


House exterior night.


Corridor, WC

Couloir-entree-Le gout des arts

Main street entrance (unfurnished today).

Couloir-Le gout des arts

Loge-couloir-entree-Le gout des arts


Lavabo-public-le gout des arts-1

Ground floor, washbasin.


 Public washbasin.

WC with disabled standards.


Ground floor, washbasin, WC lodges artists.


Lodges artists.


Plan Room 2

Plan-salle-2-Le gout des arts

Second room of 60 m²

With heated floor (ceiling height 4,50m).

Salle-2-mur ancien-1a-Le gout des arts

Ground floor, room 2, Atelier, show room.

Salle-2-mur-ancien-1b-Le gout des arts

Ground floor, room 2, Atelier exhibition room.

(unfurnished today).

Salle-2-mur-ancien-1c-Le gout des arts

Salle-2-mur-ancien-2a-Le gout des arts

Salle-2-mur-ancien-2b-Le gout des arts

Ground floor, room 2, Atelier art exhibition, show room.

(unfurnished today).

Salle-2-mur-ancien-3-4-Le gout des arts

Wine cellar in the basement


On the banks of the river Lot facing the Quai de Regourd (Tour du château du roi)
Port-Bullier, Tower of the castle of King Quai, of Regourd


Energy class

Energy class : E

Ges : F



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