Cahors historic city

Map of Cahors

Prefecture of the Lot,

Cahors is situated in the Occitania region.

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Port Bullier, Quai de Regourd.

Historical capital of Quercy its inhabitants are called the Cadurcians, formerly the Cahorsins. 


Led in a meander of the Lot, the city of Cahors became in the middle ages a commercial and financial place of European scope.




Rich in architecture of great diversity, inherited in particular from antiquity and the Middle Ages.

From the bridge of Cabessut, the port Bullier and Quai de Regourd


Important monuments

The Valentré bridge,
The Valentré bridge,
Cathedral Saint-Etienne

The Cathedral of Saint-Etienne, 

The Roaldès House (Henri IV), the Tower of the King’s Castle, the Tower of Jean XXII, the Barbican, the Tower of the Hanged.

A major tourist center, famous for its vineyard, which bears its name, and its gastronomy (truffles, foie gras), this typically southern town enjoys the label «Cities of art and history» 


The Roaldès House, Henri-IV

The economic center of the department, Cahors is a center of tertiary activities, where services and commerce predominate.

The Roaldès House, Henri-IV
The Roaldès House, Henri-IV
Tour of the Castle of the King

It benefits from cultural facilities, such as its Italian theater, its auditorium and its two cinemas classified as art and test rooms.

Pont Valentré

The Valentré bridge

The Valentré Bridge, the emblem of the city that crosses the river by carrying its three fortified towers. It is possible to stroll on foot or to approach it by boat during a walk on the Lot. Built in the 14th century, the Valentré bridge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, under the trail of Santiago de Compostela. A legend involving the devil is associated with this bridge so look up to see it ! On the photo side, it is at the end of the lock facing the roadway that you will be in the best position.


The heart of Cahors

Cahors-Square Olivier de Magny-joelle lacourt krakowski
Square Olivier de Magny

The visit continues in the heart of Cahors, where the red of the brick is allied to the gray limestone and the ocher of the sandstone, which creates at certain moments of the day beautiful harmonies favorable to the photo.


Cahors-Place Saint James-joelle lacourt krakowski
Place Saint James

At the corner of the medieval streets, you can savor the charm of the plots and the 26 Secret Gardens that blossom the city. In the shade of the plane trees, the Gambetta boulevard, a legacy of the 19th century, invites you to stroll and relax with its many cafe terraces.


Marche de Cahors
Cahors Market

The market at the gates of the Cathedral


An appointment not to be missed, all year round, Wednesday and Saturday morning. The market of Cahors stands at the gates of the cathedral Saint-Étienne. Here, everything appeals; Cheeses from Rocamadour, walnuts from Perigord, foie gras, melon from Quercy, wines from Cahors.


Tourism Lot


The Lot

The Lot draws its character in its causses notched by the valleys of Lot, Dordogne and Célé.




It is dotted with great sites and beautiful villages, Rocamadour, Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, Cahors, Puy-l’Évêque, Figeac, Cajarc.


Medieval door Saint-Cirq-Lapopie
Figeac places writings

Man and nature have left their mark in the cave of the Pech Merle and the Gouffre de Padirac.





On foot or by bike, the natural and authenticity of the Lot are revealed step by step. Land of excellent local products and gastronomy, the Lot awakens the taste buds with truffles, foie gras, lamb or melon Quercy, wine Cahors Malbec.



Department of Lot

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